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Bali Essence - Cream Bath Hair Treatment


There is so much truth in the old cliche of ‘having a bad hair day’. Feeling bad about the cut, style, touch, bounce and shimmer of our hair or more precisely, the lack of these, affects our morale like nothing else. But just like our skin, our hair is a barometer of our general health; it becomes duller and lankier to the more tired and poorly nourished wearer. Hair needs fresh air, fresh foods, sleep and low stress levels to maintain its shine. It also depends on a healthy scalp; the traditional Balinese Cream Bath Hair Treatment incorporates scalp massage to activate hair follicles as well as reduce muscle tension in your head.
Bali Essence – Cream Bath Hair Treatment:
Bali Essence Cream Bath Hair Treatment – 50min
This is the traditional Balinese head and scalp treatment to cleanse and revitalise your hair.Your treatment will begin with a cleansing hair wash and your choice of Balinese Hair Cream, either Aloe Vera, Avocado or Ginseng, that is applied using traditional head massage techniques to release  tension.

A soothing neck, shoulder and arm massage is provided whilst your hair is wrapped in a hot towel to maximise the conditioning process. Your hair receives a final wash followed by a ginseng tonic to complete the overall treatment.

The luxurious Cream Bath Hair Treatment will be your essential treatment for ultimate relaxation.