The Body Scrub



Treating yourself to a body scrub, especially when combined with a massage, is simply relaxing.  Body scrubs aim to encourage the natural flow of circulation and a great way to
exfoliate dead skin cells – resulting in glowing skin.
All Bali Essence – Body Scrub Treatments include a foot cleanse, the use of natural ingredients in the oils and scrubs, a full hour body massage; and optional shower or bath to complete the decadent experience.    

Bali Essence – Body Scrub Treatments:


Traditional Classic Ritual – up to 2hrs

Traditional body scrub treatment utilising natural ingredients if our signature ingredient extracted from the Cempaka flower to exfoliate the body.

Traditional Lulur Ritual – up to 2hrs

Lulur is an exfoliation and polishing process that has been practised in the palaces of Bali and Java for centuries. A body mask of rice, herbs, roots, spices and flowers is applied – it is aimed to beautify and soften your skin to leave your skin  smoother and fresher looking. 


Coffee Invigorating Ritual – up to 2hrs

This is the WAKE UP CALL – this is a luxurious way to add caffeine into your body, inside and out.

Aroma Therapy Body Ritual – up to 2hrs

The most scent-ual experience. Based on aromatherapy principals, each stage of  the treatment addresses specific aspect of your well-being, leaving you perfectly balanced from head to toe.

High Tea Ritual – up to 2.5hrs

The amazing anti-oxidant properties of tea are all present in every course of this ritual. 


After Sun Soothing Ritual – up to 1hr

This ritual is targeted for those suffering from sun damaged skin. A soothing treatment to  battle the affects of sun burns.
Bali Essence Slimming Ritual – up to 2.5hrs
Slim, trim and breakdown fatty cell clusters in the body with this natural therapy.  Active ingredients, including lemon, basil and grapefruit essential oils are utilised to minimise cellulite in the body.  This treatment is best repeated over period of time to maximise the full benefits.